Photo by victoria ramsey 2016

I am a rose jailed in lace

Sticky webs bind me

Spiders adore my cinnamon scent

My petals held captive

I will not become unhinged






New to me


I have never before in my six decades of life seen a sunset like this. While hunting in the Austwell, TX area this week I was struck stupid by the sunset. When I finally gathered my wits and ran for my camera I still managed to capture over a dozen shots. The “flares” were so large I couldn’t get them all in one shot. There were four of them. At first glance I mistook them for the lights that warn airplanes. I never got a deer but that’s ok with me. I would much rather have this memory.


Her Scarlet Letter

flashes of her past creep in, ancient history
shrouded memories she forbade
a lifetime spent drinking them all away
taken unawares they shatter her again

was it the song through the window or the scent
of the stranger walking by that sent tears to her eyes
festering pain washing makeup gullies down her cheeks
always ignorant of the cause, it leaches to the surface

she sent him away before she destroyed him with her lies
her pretenses and nighttime prowls up allies
craving things she could never find to replace the
hole inside of her, she called it the hole in her soul

exacting recriminations spread crimson across her breast
bleeding from the scab that was a heart
blood red soaking her shirt for the world to see
her scarlet letter proclaiming the shame she carries